Wednesday, March 13, 2013


throughout all of national week (march 5-9) i didn't dance on the nationals floor except for my team's standard medley. all i did was sit around and eat. after wednesday (preliminaries (when they decide if you are good enough to be on division 1, 2, or 3 (3 being the worst and 1 being the awesomest))), everyone on our dance company was pretty sad. provo varsity's latin medley got into 2nd division (this was the first year that it's ever gotten lower than division 1 :(   ) good news on things: jv got into 2nd division for latin (instead of 3rd division) and standard. and varsity got into 1st division for standard. thursday was the day we got to perform again for 2nd division things (latin and standard medleys). varsity ended up winning latin 2nd division (no surprise, they should've gotten into 1st division) and jv got either 5th or 6th place in latin division 2. also on the same day, jv placed 3rd place in division 2 standard. that night was also team match... that was pretty depressing. we should've won. pleasant grove won because 4 of the 6 couples competing for team match were byu a team members. that's class a cheating... byu a team has to win everything every year. it's just them. it's their competition. they always win. but they put in members of their best team into a pretty horrible team to make provo to break their 9th year streak in winning. the next day, friday, varsity took 5th place in their immaculate standard medley. wow, they really hated us this year. this was the last competition of the season and they took it all out on provo... on thursday, 3 of our company members got pretty hurt, they required the E.M.T. people to come and help us out. they are all perfectly fine now. but, then it was pretty serious. on saturday was division 1 latin, which we didn't get into this year. we all went to cheer on westlake's team. they cheered us on from the very beginning. our teams are really good friends this year. after westlake won 6th place in division 1 latin, everyone went to pizza pie cafe for celebration along with x-treme and westlake. it was pretty fun there. i just ate and left with the first ride available. i was so tired the next morning, thanks to daylight savings... i am still kind of tired from it all. i added up the hours i spent at the marriot center. almost 30 hours. crazyness. all of the hours and days melt together when you can't see the sun at all times. it was really fun and weird and awesome and sad. my coach gave us the next class period off. yesterday i walked to maceys with some of my friends and got some oreos. it was so fun. last week i was excused from all of my classes last week. so i kind of got out of the habit of going to class. but now i'm back in the habit. yup. that was nationals.  :)

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