Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Timpanogos Competition

This was actually supposed to be an article for English, but that didn't work. Now I get to tell you how this competition went...

UBEA State Title Match: A Great Win for Provo

         Friday, February 15, 2013 -- 7:00 AM -- Timpanogos High School -- All around you see boys and girls standing in line for late registration or for a ticket to get into this year’s UBEA State Title Match. This competition is different from other ballroom competitions. No studio kids. Only ballroom students enrolled into a school ballroom class are allowed to dance in this competition. Every one of those dancers thinks to themselves, “I can finally take the floor for this competition.” Finally, the competition comes when high school ballroom students won’t be beaten out of the first round of a Junior event for kids half their age and height. At around 7:30, you see all the girls crowding around the bathroom mirrors, putting last minute touches on their already perfected makeup, while hurriedly putting on their white shirts, black skirts, and newly bought fishnets and tights. Meanwhile, the boys are checking each other to see if their hair is slicked back perfectly enough and they tighten their black ties and on their backs they pin the numbers they will be known as today, hoping they will impress the judges. The voice of the announcer ricochets off the walls of the Timpanogos Basketball Gym, telling everyone that they should be lining up in the on-deck area (in numerical order, of course) and that the first event of the day will be starting soon. Backstage, partners rehearse with each other, standing in a line heading for the floor they hope they don’t forget their routines on.
         The first event of the day is the High School American. That event includes the smooth, swaying Foxtrot and the swift, sassy Cha Cha. The next event is the Junior High Newcomer Swing. It is bouncy and full of high-energy. As heat after heat come on and off the floor, all the way to the awards, there is a first victory for Provo High School Ballroom. Connor Salveson and Hannah Campbell are the State Champs in the Junior High Newcomer Swing, then the awards for the High School American where Ben Telford and Esther Laws got to be the State Champs for this event. Next we move onto the Open Smooth Competition where 4 out of the 6 couples on the floor were Provo High dancers. The experienced performers beautifully glide across the floor to Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and Vietnesse Waltz. 6th place to Riley Chatwin and Nik Bichsel, 3rd place to Erynn Williams and Austin Olivas, 2nd place to Raquel Hansen and Jacob Reesor, and the State Champions of this event went to Katelyn Eberhard and Alec Brockwell. Next we go into the High School Syllabus Ballroom, which includes the beautiful Waltz and the rapid Quickstep.  After that, the dances go back to Foxtrot and Cha Cha but for the Junior High Syllabus event. Madi Hill and Dayson Barra place in 4th. The following event is High School Syllabus Latin. This happens to consist of the party dance Samba and the flowing, smooth Rumba. Erynn Williams and Austin Olivas took 3rd place and Kassidy Daley and Jacob Reesor became Syllabus Latin State Champions.This then takes us to the Standard Medleys. The couples dance very poisefully and gracefully. After the effortless clapping of the crowd, the highly-trained and skilled judges get ready judge the Latin Medleys. The Latin Medley couples dance their hearts out for the judges. The awards for these are pretty amazing for the Provo High Ballroom Dance Company. Provo Varsity placed 2nd in the Standard Medleys with West Lake High School in first. Provo Junior Varsity scored a 4th place in the Standard Medleys. The Provo Varsity danced just spectacularly for 1st Place in the Latin category, while their JV team won 5th place out of 10 medleys for the Latin category. This competition took Provo High Ballroom Dance Company a long way with experience and competition. Join us next week for the UVU Competition on Friday and Saturday, where Provo plans and hopes to do even better there.

*Now for those of you who are not ballroom enthusiasts, here is a group of definitions for you*:

Latin: Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive, Paso Doble, dances like those.
Standard: Waltz, Vietnesse Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, dances like those.
Medleys: Bits of songs put together to make an awesome conglomeration that people dance to. Every song in the medley has a dance to it and the couples transition between different dances and it is usually pretty darn awesome.
Junior High event: kids in grades 7th-9th are allowed to dance in Junior events and one level higher, which is a High School event.

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