Friday, June 8, 2012

once upon a time... there was a person named Mirielle. She is turning 23 years old. Today. I want to wish her a very merry birthday... and she's awesome. She is amazing and she inspires me to get better friends... like Christian. I am most thankful for Mirielle. She is super cool and she has helped me with tons. She is one of the bestest friends anyone could ever have... she has helped unicorns cross the void into an alternate universe. She has told me legends of the greatest eagle hunters on the planet of Xenon. The things she has taught me are unimaginable. Such as fairies and elves in Australia. Scissors were jumping across the lands of Ireland. The stapler and spoon ran away from the Clan. The worlds beneath us collide because we can't share some pudding. The stars above us shoot around the sky for no reason, trying to reach some world to crash onto. The world could be so much better if we could just join together and defeat the monsters inside of us. But the one she tells me most is about how Miss Mirielle is confused and tired. The stage is the canvas and we are the paint. When do you want to become the painter? The most exclusive furbies get to walk around being all that jazz. No one in the world can read the Secrets of Balllzarrr. Auatralian leprechans don't exist. The people who are martians are actually aliens. The clouds are made out of sheep's wool and it tastes like cotton candy, if only reach it. The syrup trickled down the mountain waterfall instead fake lollipops. Popcorn kernels smells like sunshine. There are people who believe in anything and they just can't stop... Just kidding. Happy Birthday, Mirielle!

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